5 autumnal ways to light your home.

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As we enter autumn most of us will be looking to add a bit of cosiness to our homes. One great way to do that is with lighting, and we’ve picked out our favourite lights with an autumnal feel.

1Autumnal maple leaf fairy lights

The reds, oranges and yellows of turning leaves are the most visible sign of the arrival of autumn. With these lights you can add some of that unmistakably autumnal colour to your home.

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2Stylish 3D moon lamp

With the nights drawing in the moon becomes a more present feature in the autumn sky. With this lamp you can bring some of that lunar beauty inside.

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3Luxury autumn scented candle

Candles are a great source of cosy lighting, but combined with the right scent they can really get you in that autumn mood.  This luxury candle has an amazing natural rustic finish and releases natural scents as it burns.

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4Flickering lantern light

You can use this lantern inside, or out, to add gentle atmospheric light to the darkening evenings.  The realistic battery powered candle means you’ll get many hours of light with no fuss.

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5Tree silhouette glass and wood tealight holder

This holder will take your humble tealights and create wonderful tree shadows throughout the room.   It also looks great even when it’s not on.

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